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Do you buy consumables based on price or quality?

When polishing stone floors the final step almost always utilised a white polishing pad. Many contractors and building owners purchase based on unit price alone, however they are doing themselves a disservice when they are receiving an inferior product. One must consider the coverage of the product, IE how many you will need to use.

Does it make sense to use 3 "cheap" pads or 1 high quality pad when the high quality pad costs less than 2 of the cheaper pads?

Check out the images below of VD Marblecare's White Nano Pad vs a local competitors...

VD Marblecare's White NANO Pad is 30mm thick

Thin competitor's pad

Our Nano Pad can be used both sides due to its 30mm thickness. The competitors white pad can only be used once due to being 33% thinner.

Now you can see why our White Nano Pads will cover ~500 sqm whereas competitor's pad will do only 150 - 200 sqm.

Features of Nano Pads

1. Manufactured using nano-technology materials

2. It is quick to polish with high efficiency

3. Very durable and wear-resistant with more fiber than glue in its composition

4. Easy to clean

5. Reusable

6. Double sided

7.Each pad comes with the "donut" hole that can be used for hand polishers

8. Coverage of 17” Nano Pads is ~500㎡/PC

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